PSE Chaos One RTS Package


PSE Chaos One RTS Package

Not all young hunters are the same. Some have more passion or more drive. Some take their hunting very seriously.
That's why we developed the Chaos line of bows. These are not your typical "kids" bows. 

The Chaos line use highly preloaded 12" split limbs just like our X Force bows, to deliver the ultimate in speed and performance.
Choose between the Chaos One for a little more speed or the Chaos FC for a little more adjustability. 

Whatever you do, don't put a "kids" bow in your young hunters hands. 

This bow model ships in the 25 inch draw setting but will adjust to fit anyone with a draw length ranging from 24 - 28 inches with a simple inner module adjustment.

Available: 40, 50 or 60 draw weights.

This Ready To Shoot Package includes factory installed accessories: 

  • Gemini Sight,
  • Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit,
  • Mongoose Quiver,
  • Peep Wheel and Nock Set


  • ATA/IBO SPEED     302-294 fps @ 28"
    Axle to Axle     30-1/2"
    Brace Height     6-7/8"
    Mass Weight     3.30 lbs
    Letoff     80%/65%adj

PSE Chaos One RTS Package
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  • PSE Chaos One RTS Package
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