SF Forged Riser

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The association of computer-aided design in forging and digitally-controlled machining resulted in the development of an aluminum riser that meets extremely high specif cations. The combination of these technologies means that rigidity, lightness and high-performance are all guaranteed.

Featuring a clever weight distribution all along its inner structure, this riser will enable archers to achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

Availaible for right or left handed archers.

Colors : Matt Gray / Matt Dark Gray / Black / Red / Blue / Sky Blue / Silver
Available in RH / LH

Riser : 23 inches
Weight : 1.020 kg

Riser : 25 inches
Weight : 1.120 kg

Included : FORGED Arrow rest, FORGED Cushion

FORGED Cushion
Universal cushion plunger that fits any arrow rest.
Color : Black
Available in two lengthes: normal and long (+12 mm)

FORGED Arrow Rest
Simple and solid construction incorporating a magnetic system leading to an ultimate accuracy. This arrow rest provides you with the best arrow fl ight without any friction.
Color : Black
Available in RH / LH