About Us

I am James Salangsang, the owner of Jay's Archery Mart. I have had a passion for this sport since i first saw Erroyl Fylnn as Robin Hood. I bought by first compound bow in 1991. It was a Martin Sonic.  

Our passion for the sport drives us to pursue excellence in our craft. It is important to us that we provide the best service, supply and knowledge to our customers,
so that they come away with the correct setup up for their approach to the sport.

Along with my group of shooting mates, i spent the next few years honing my skills and learning all i could to become a better archer. Some years later that was
reinforced when i began my time at  Archery Mart.

Over the next few years i was mentored by Brian, as he groomed me to become the next owner of  Archery Mart. My time spent here has only fueled my love of the sport and encouraged me to take on the sport with a whole new fire.
It introduced me to new aspects to the sport as well as some great clubs and some fantastic people.

As of 2017 we have changed direction of our approach and are now operating from a mobile unit. We have changed our name to Jay's Archery Mart to personalise our business.

This year we are planning to take our unit to several Archery Clubs. Some clubs include: Southern Field Archers and Trophy Bowhunting Club. 

With a mobile unit, we are able to get out to different locations and provide a more flexible service. We have set up a base location in Blackwood and are taking bookings over the phone for private appointments.

Staff Shooters:

Attila Balla - Attila began his Archery endeavors in 2011 and has gone on to become a force to be reckoned with.


Including a National Silver placing in 2014 Attila has progressed extremely quickly in a short period of time.

Add into this him taking on the Vice Presidents position at the Southern Vales Archery Club, Attila is fast becoming an integral personality in our sport.

We could not ask for a more dedicated and supporting addition to Team Jay's Archery Mart.