Bushman Brooks 1

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Bushman Brooks 1

In a nutshell, our first adventure is a weekend away bow hunting feral goats with the trip to and from and everything in between.

We wanted to make a DVD that would showcase Dave Brooks' skills in the bush, entertain bow hunters, teach those interested in learning more about bow hunting and inform people who know nothing about bow hunting.

A pilot DVD made in 2005 received so much positive feedback that we had to make a ‘real’ one. Filmed in the Nothern Tablelands of NSW, you’ll enjoy some stunning scenery, rugged landscapes and dramatic weather changes, from hot and dry to pouring rain.

Dave (Bushman) Brooks shares his knowledge, experience and skills in animal tracking, camouflage, stalking, bush tucker, bushcraft, survival and fire lighting and gives you an insight into what he loves about bow hunting and what it takes to be a good hunter. You will see some creative Four Wheel Driving in his old Landcruiser that puts most late models 4WD's to shame.

Dave Eggins is the guy behind the scenes. He has done all the camera work, sound recording, editing and music for this episode. With his experience in film, TV and music, he has been able to capture and present Bushman Brooks hunting in a realistic and raw but tasteful way.

Hunting the High Country runs for approx 76mins with a Special Feature on Tracking Tips.
It is available in either PAL or NTSC format, professionally pressed and is delivered cello-wrapped (for freshness).