Slick Trick Magnum / Standard 4 Pk

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Slick Trick Magnums / Standard 4 blade 4 Pk

100grain or 125grain.
Real Field Point Flight

The "slick trick" is the patented Alcatraz Bladelock™ design. 
No other broadhead in the world has the blades completely interlocked inside the ferrule like the Slick Trick™.   

This design breakthrough perfects the geometry of an aerodynamic 1 piece STEEL ferrule with 4 imprisoned aerodynamic razor sharp .035" stainless steel blades for  the best combination of accuracy, strength, penetration, hemorrhage, and reliability on the market.

  • Huge 4 Blade Hole
  • Great Penetration
  • 100% Steel Strength
  • Alcatraz Bladelock