Titan Recurve Scope

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Titan Recurve Scope

A quality recurve scope is born. We have the world's best namely the 2000 Olympic Gold medallist / 1991 World Champion Simon Fairweather and many European Champions choosing to shoot Titan.

We use 'the best' quality 0 power coated lenses produced by Hoya offering amazing clarity and sharpness. Designed and FITA approved for recurve Fita Olympic competition, this scope offers unique features. Multi “O” ring lens retention also varies the aperture size from 14mm, 13mm, 11.6mm down to 11.2mm in a few seconds.

New Feature: * Square Aperture Insert - included with all recurve scopes Image


  • Eccentrically machined for strength.
  • Bodies in black, blue, red or silver.
  • Threaded High Strength steel rods in 8/32 or 10/32.
  • 0 power lens for Olympic style archery.
  • Multi aperture O ring system.
  • Optic fibre through the lens 0.020”, 0.030” or 0.040” in red or green.
  • Any Gunstar precision target reticle, fluro orange or black; tiny, small, medium or large dot or circle available.