Titan Target Scope

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Titan Target Scope

1⅜" Target Scope With FITA and IFAA scores getting closer to perfect, the importance of aiming well is becoming more vital.

The Titan Target scope is becoming the scope of choice by archers across the world, from beginners to world class competitors.

We use ‘the best’ quality coated lenses produced by Hoya Japan offering amazing clarity and sharpness.

Sleek and precise this Titan scope offers target, field and indoor archers the latest in scope technology. Laser centered lenses are unique to Titan, this locates the optical centre ensuring lens changes do not change the arrows impact point. You can be confident in removing or changing lenses during shooting. Our “O” ring lens retention system enables fast and failsafe lens changes.

Titan scopes are eccentrically CNC machined from solid 6061-T6 bar ensuring superior strength.


  • Lenses 2x , 4x or 6x (0.25, 0.5, 0.75 diopter).
  • RH or LH in black, blue red, or silver.
  • Bubble in green,red or blue (green standard).
  • Custom tempered High tensile threaded rod in 10/32 only.
  • Any Gunstar Precision Target fluro orange or black reticule available as stick on dots, circles or cross     hair.
  • Drilled fibre 0.030”, 0.040” or 0.060” in red, green or amber.