Tru-ball Short'n'Sweet

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Tru-ball Short'n'Sweet

If you want a super-light trigger that is made for D-Loops tied into your string, try a T.R.U. Ball® Short-N-Sweet!

The Short-N-Sweet will give you more draw length because the trigger has been moved forward to be the same distance from the bowstring as the hook! This release is great for hunting because the open head allows for quick loading in high-pressure situations.

Whether in your treestand or standing in front of a 3-D target, you can have confidence with the Short-N-Sweet in your hand!

More FPS - The S1 features a trigger that is moved closeer to the bowstring for more draw length and more bow speed, allowing more accuracy.

Great with D-Loops - Attatch the hook of the Short-N-Sweet durectly to a D-Loop or insert the white rope into the head attatch directly to the bowstring.