Tru-ball Stinger

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Tru-Ball Stinger

The T.R.U. Ball® Stinger offers top features at a great price! It's dependability has been proven by years and years of trophy animals. The Stinger comes with the same release head that has won hundreds of tournaments.

It features free-floating jaws that are activated by a ball inside of the release (that's why they are called T.R.U. Ball® releases). These jaws allow incredible forgiveness for first-time or veteran archers. You will also be impressed by the silence of the Stinger!

The easy-to-load jaws are incredibly silent and trustworthy! Pull to open jaws and let up to close, it couldn't get any simpler! We know >that you will be happy with the performance of your T.R.U. Ball® Stinger release!

  •  Load easily by pulling the trigger to open the jaws and letting up to close them!
  •  Completely silent for successful hunting
  •  Folds back to tuck into your sleeve when not in use
  •  Swivels 360 degrees at the base of the strap
  •  Adjustable sensitivity screw
  •  Easy Draw Length adjustment - simply cut the tube and tighten nut to desired length
  •  Camouflage velcro® strap