Win and Win DragonFly 38"

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The DRAGONFLY, has a perfect balance between design and functionality.
It's a pretty fast bow for 3D shooting.
With it you can position yourself in the winner's circle.

The new cam TLI adjusts more quickly extends through the rotation. Unlike many other, you do not need to
put the new cam or module to adjust your draw length.

Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, White, Marble Purple, Marble Blue, Marble Red, Marble Orange, Marble Green


Features :
• Axle to axle: 38 "
• Speed ​​IBO: 310+
• Mass Weight: 4.2 lbs
• Brace Height: 7"
• Weight Range: # 40-50-60-70
• Draw Lengths: 27 "-29, 5 "